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German Hodgkin Study Group

For over 30 years now, the German Hodgkin Study Group (GHSG) has been committed to optimizing diagnostics, therapy and follow-up care in Hodgkin lymphoma and has included over 15,000 patients in its trials.

The GHSG’s Trial Coordination Center belongs to the First Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Cologne and recruits patients across Europe for its clinical trials. With the results of its various large-scale trials (controlled, prospective, randomized trials) for all stages of Hodgkin lymphoma, the GHSG has contributed decisively to the great progress that has been made in Hodgkin lymphoma therapy over the years. The aim of the GHSG’s latest trials was therefore to reduce adverse effects of therapy while maintaining cure rates.

On this website we offer information on Hodgkin lymphoma, current therapies and the activities of the GHSG.

It is designed for physicians, patients and anyone who might be interested.

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