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Information for Patients

Dear Patients,

Thanks to major progress in treatment and continuous improvements of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Hodgkin lymphoma is today one of the best curable malignant diseases of all, with possible cure rates between 80 and 90 percent.

Since the beginning of our studies over 30 years ago, we have treated over 15,000 patients within our clinical trials. In future, further improvements of therapy will continue to be dependent on the patients’ cooperation. 

This part of our website is meant to provide you with details on what we do and to give you an overview of our trial program. However, these topics are rather complex, so should you find anything unclear or should you have any questions, please ask the doctor who is treating you. Your doctor will gladly discuss further details regarding your potential participation in one of our trials with you. 

Besides, we would be grateful for any comments or suggestions you might have to improve this website.

Kind regards,

The GHSG Trial Coordination Center