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The aims of the GHSG’s current trials are to further optimize first-line treatment in all stages of Hodgkin lymphoma and to improve therapy for relapsed patients, while minimizing treatment-related adverse effects and maintaining treatment efficacy.

Active trials

First-line treatment

Abbreviation Title Stage Trial design
HD17 Treatment optimization trial in the first-line treatment of intermediate stage Hodgkin lymphoma; treatment stratification by means of FDG-PET Intermediate stages Phase III, multicenter, randomized
B-CAP Brentuximab vedotin or B-CAP in the treatment of older patients with newly diagnosed classical Hodgkin lymphoma – a GHSG-NLG Intergroup phase II trial all stages Phase II, multicenter

Treatment of relapses

Abbreviation Title Stage Trial design
GHSG-AFM13 An open-label, randomized, multicenter phase II trial with AFM13 in patients with relapsed or treatment-resistant Hodgkin Lymphoma relapsed / refractory HL, all stages Phase II, multicenter, randomized